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System Messages:  (last updated 21 March 2011)
  • Please ensure that you add DEPT\ before your username when logging in.
  • Please ensure you bookmark this page as your main access point into webmail.
  • Please read the additional security information below and check these system messages for future changes and notifications.

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    Security precautions
    • Ensure when providing your password it occurs over a secured session On WebMail's latest logon page you can choose between public and private access. This effectively changes your session timeout limit between 10 minutes (public) and one hour (private). The WebMail service will also enforce a log out from WebMail where the server detects inactivity for the selected period.
    • Ensure when providing your password it occurs over a secured session (indicated by a locked lock, the URL starts with https and the site's digital certificate is valid) and that you are entering your password into the authorised site https://mail.connect.tas.gov.au
    • Please ensure you protect the integrity of your password. Never tell anyone your password or write your password down. Your password is yours and yours alone. Take care when entering your password to ensure others cannot see what you are entering.
    • Do not leave your session unattended and ensure you have logged out when you leave the device you are accessing this service from.
    • To ensure your data does not persist on the device you are accessing this service from configure your browser to not save secure pages to disk.
    • Ensure that the PC that you are accessing this service from is secure. Including installing operating system and vendor patches, updated anti-virus and anti-spyware software along with a personal PC firewall.
    • Avoid opening, running, installing or using programs/files you have obtained from a source that you do not know you can trust. Do not open unsolicited emails containing file attachments.
    • Please read these instructions and system messages that may be updated from time to time.

    The URL for this service is https://webmail.dier.tas.gov.au